Monday, January 18, 2010

ICES Mini Classes

I had a wonderful weekend! Hope everyone else did too! I packed my bags and headed for Orlando on Thursday. Our first stop was the hospital to see my sis. Then we went to my parents house...and had some freshly made brownies. YUM!

The next morning I was on my way to the ICES Mini Classes. My first was with Susan Carberry. Here we are...

She was a fun, entertaining teacher. It was my first time trying fondant on cookies. It was so easy and fun...but I just can't imagine eating it. Here's the cookies I made:

Next up was Kathy Scott's Mini Wedding Cakes and Petit Fours class. She (along with her husband) was a lot of fun as well. I started off with the petit fours. So simple and beautiful!

After the petit fours, we were supposed to make a mini wedding cake, but by that time I had a migraine too painful to continue. So I had to stop. But I brought the mini resin cake form and the molds used in class home so I will have to try it out later on. After class, hubby and I enjoyed a pizza and a few drinks at the hotel's bar...which got rid of that headache. And then we headed over to the "Flea Market". The First Impressions table (which sold molds) was like a riotous frenzy, but I managed to get a couple molds I was after. And not to mention at WONDERFUL prices! What a day! And the following day was amazing too...but you'll have to wait for that story tomorrow!

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