Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oprah's Cake-Off

I was flipping through the channels last night and caught a glimpse of some famous cakers...and seeing as I don't have cable, and therefore don't get to ever watch the cake shows, I had to stop flipping! It turned out Oprah was having a Cake-Off. The contenders were (1)Marina Sousa, (2)Duff Goldman, and (3)The Cake Girls. And here are their cakes:

I was pretty excited about watching this until it was over shortly after it started. The contestants were basically announced, allowed to show and tell their cake, and then hear which cake the audience liked best. Then it was over. I hadn't heard O's show was about reality TV, and not just cakes. Booooo! A whole 10 minutes of cake reality TV. Better than nothing, I guess!

Onto the creators!

Marina Sousa created "an O cake", as Oprah stated. It was a multi-tiered masterpiece with thousands of handmade sugar beads, flowers, inspirational quotes from Oprah and lots of "O"s, including a large, sparkly, spinning one on top. It really was a sight to see!

Duff Goldman was the oddball out here, and created a non-Oprah cake. But, in my opinion, it was still awesome! His pie in the sky cake weighed an impressive 170 pounds, with ice cream and a cherry bomb to top it off!

The Cake Girls (Mary and Brenda Maher) created a huge Oprah mosaic made from about 5,000 fondant circles, which had faces drawn (or printed?) on them. Then they made other pieces which were important to Oprah and Chicago, like a book for her book club, a plaque for the Oprah Angel Network, and so much more!

And the winner was....The Cake Girls! Not my first choice, but nicely done anyhow.

Did you watch the show? Which cake is your favorite?

*Update* After searching the web, I found out this is a rerun from October. So, if you already saw/read about it, sorry! But it's new to me and I was excited!

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