Sunday, July 4, 2010

On Independence Day

Hope you all had a great 4th! I have been super busy spending time having fun and relaxing with the in-laws, so I haven't had any time to bake. :(
But I thought I'd leave you with a couple pics for the holiday!

I made these 2 years ago, right after I first got bit by the cake decorating bug...

Firework Cupcakes-I know they're not perfect, but I was pretty proud of them at the time!

(FYI: I did NOT make any of the following.)

Speaking of fireworks...

How cute is this?

After I saw this, I fell in love and really wanted to make this for a July 4th snack! But I never did get around to it.

(Can't remember where this pic came from. If you know, fill me in!)

One last awesome idea that I would love to try (found here)...

It doesn't seem to be too hard, but the end result looks amazing!

Happy Independence Day!

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