Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Over...

September, that is! It's October 1st and I officially felt the first cool Autumn breeze this morning. YAY! My favorite season is upon us. I can't believe how fast this year is going by. Like my daughter keeps saying, "Christmas will be here soon". Not that that's something I want to be thinking about yet!

September is over, meaning that a month full of birthdays, anniversaries (including mine!), and holidays is past, none of which I made a cake for. Shocking, I know. But I'm excited to have a couple cakes in the works for this month. So far I am planning a first birthday cake (for my one and only niece), a bridal shower cake, and a Halloween cake (or 2).

The only cake I was planning on making in last month was a birthday cake for my brother, whose party ended up being on the same day as the FL ICES Day of Sharing in Daytona Beach. Seeing as to how I've never attended a Day of Sharing, I had to forfeit my cake plans for my brother. And don't let him know, but I'm really glad I did! I had a great time.

Here are pictures of what 3 of the 4 ladies demonstrated...

Filomena Koolman-Vos - Tropical Flowers (Ixora flower)

Sidney Galpern - Pulled sugar (casting, spun, blown)

Lisa Menz from Photo Frost - Wallpapering a Cake (frosting sheets)

and unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the last demonsration by Ximena Sempertegui with her "Fall in Love Baby" (baby carriage) but it came out looking similar to this...

(Photo courtesy of Cakes by Ximena)

All of the demonstrations were amazing! Everyone was especially impressed with Sidney Galpern...who is only 15 years old and did an outstanding job and great sugar work!

For more info and pictures from this event, I'll be posting over at my cake club's (SAGNFL) new blog!

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