Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where Have I Been?!

Well, I have missed posting for over 2 months!!! So sorry about that! After my last post I was rather busy with working, birthdays, holidays, a baby shower, a cake challenge and a drawn-out illness! Right before Christmas, my whole family (my husband, our 2 daughters, not to mention a large number of other family members) came down with walking pneumonia. It was not pretty...we were sick and sleeping about 16 hours out of the day. That lasted for about a month, well into the new year. SO, I know it's late, but I hope you all have had a great new year so far! Also, hope your Valentine's Day went lovingly! Am I missing any holidays?

I know for me there has also been many birthdays, 6 to be exact, including my own. And today is my Mother-in-law's birthday! Happy Birthday, America! Hope you had fun in Colorado!Hopefully *soon* I will be posting a bunch of pictures of cakes I've made for some of those birthdays.

I also have pictures to share from my sister-in-law's baby shower, a cute baby I made for display at a cake challenge, and some of my daughter's party pics from last weekend...which was a blast!

But for now, I have some housework that needs to be done and also I have to get ready for work! Thanks for waiting so patiently for me to return to the blogging world! I am back and ready to GO!

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