Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do You Know The Cupcake Girl?

If you know me, you know I spend 90% of my computer time on Cake Central (and you're probably tired of hearing about it), but you see, hear, and learn the most interesting things, not to mention people, there!

Earlier today I was browsing CC and came across this gum paste doll...

All meticulously hand molded, even the face. Pretty impressive, right?

Would you be even more impressed if I told you a 13 year old made it?

I know I was! Then I looked at the rest of her pictures and found her blog. Such a talented young lady! She has been baking for a long time and decorating for the past two years. Just amazing! Take a look yourself and see what you think.

I can only imagine what is in this girl's future.

I wish her the best of luck on her caking journey!

I'll be keeping an eye on your work!

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