Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Next Generation Decorator?

In the past I've talked about some youngsters that are making their way through the cake world. And I think I may have a budding artist on my hands as well...my 3 year old daughter, Lily.

Here she is in a recent picture (after her first haircut, which she loved by the way...the lady cut and braided her hair, then added sparkles!).

She has always taken an interest when I'm working on cakes, from mixing the batter to frosting the cake to rolling out the fondant. I usually give her her own piece, which she plays with then makes it disappear into her little tummy!

But yesterday I caught her playing with hand sanitizer, making a row of blobs on top of our television. I asked her why she was doing it and she said she wanted to "decorate with frosting". After looking back at the mess, I thought she did a good job (had it actually been frosting). Piping is hard, and for a 3 year old, I thought the spacing and sizing wasn't too bad.

Not that I encourage her to destroy our electronics, but next time I'll make sure she has a decorating bag filled with icing and a proper place to use them instead!

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